Theme: Music and its effects on the conscious

Music is a constant presence in our world, some of it good, some of it brilliant, and some really, really terrible. Regardless though it is everywhere but do we really think about what we listen to? I mean really listen?

I want to look closer at the purely human reactions of people to a varied, pre prepared set list of music which I hope will engaged them in deep thought and/or at the very least make them visibly react physically or verbally. I hope this will in turn make them think about how they listen to music normally, or how they don’t.

I’m hoping to collect a group of people with different levels of interest in different genres which will give me some variety in the results and will allow me to see which types of people have more or less of a reaction – a hypothetic example result could be that somebody who enjoys indie music could have more of a reaction to the test than somebody who likes a bit of Nicki Minaj, or even vice versa.

The idea comes from my, perhaps you could call it weird, obsession with wanting to know the stories behind my favourite songs and the inspirations behind them, as well as my dislike of the songs you’ll find in the top 10 these days seem to remove this sentiment in favour of a catchy hook line and/or beat. I wonder if other people do this and this test would be the perfect way to see if that is the case.

The main question I’m asking here is whether the music that surrounds us is really listened to, or is it just background music as we live our lives?

When these types of tests are undertaken professionally, there is an element of science involved as sensors are used to monitor the brain activity to prove various theories. Obviously, I won’t have access to such technology, so I will have to get the people who I use to be as honest as possible and hope they are open to telling me and the camera every possible detail that they can in order to paint a clear picture of what is going through their head as they listen to the music; instead of just saying “I hate it”, which is probably something I’d do.


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