Personal Development Plan

Having looked at many potential careers within the media industry my choice would be that of a sports writer. I say sports writer and not journalist as I feel recently it’s being a sports journalist is a less interesting job. It’s been tainted by the more click bait hungry “journalists” you see on Twitter spouting any old rumour all in the name of making money from Google Ads. Sports writers however, you look at the likes of Jonathon Wilson, author of “Inverting the Pyramid” and they are almost universally revered for their knowledge of the subject they’re covering. I don’t want my work to be read and then forgotten about, printed on tomorrows container for fish and chips, I want it to be on shelves and quoted by football pseudo-intellects (like myself) on Twitter.

It’s a big, unrealistic plan at the moment so for now I have to set myself more realistic goals to achieve over the next few years which are in my hands, the first of which is achieving the grades my chosen universities, Huddersfield (DMM) and Leeds Trinity (MMM) have set me so I can study Sports Journalism there from September onwards. It would seem strange that I would study that subject after what I said earlier, but in fact most writers begin as journalists so I would have to start at the bottom and earn my salt as a writer there.

Having been writing for football websites since 2011 already, I have a decent reputation within a small group as a writer and I want to be able to build upon that by upping the amount of writing I do per month, and vary the subject so I can showcase that I have knowledge of more than just Liverpool players, as well as selfishly as I get bored easily writing about the same subject if there isn’t a form of learning within it. In writing for Anfield Index, my Liverpool related work can be shown to it’s 80,000 plus followers but the other work would have to come via my personal website, which currently holds two stories. Quality not quantity doesn’t really cut it in this case unfortunately.

I could however, look for a website which would allow me to write about these other football subjects which also has a good number of followers, referencing my work with AI and BOIP to show I’m a capable writer.

Another way of getting my name out there is to produce business cards and CVs to send to organisations, such as the Guardian group or BBC, who could provide the platform I need to flourish and develop my skills.

In regards to social media, I feel I must curb any impulses to write about my life, especially very personal things, and making inappropriate jokes, although, I want my sense of humour to still shine through as it is something important to me which I hope shows in my work. I will have to look at things in a different light and be less bias, especially when it comes to talking about Liverpool or one of their rivals. It is important to companies that their employees are able to advertise to a large audience and stay professional; although my follower count is quite low I expect it to rise if I write more frequently.

I also want to be able to make connections within the game, to go places you need to know people and hopefully in university, and from my work with Anfield Index and hopefully other big websites in the future, I am able to get a network of colleagues and/or friends who can help me out. I have already received the help of people who I follow and who follow me when it has come to writing articles, and now I just need to get people who can give me the inside scoop to help me out.





Regarding the interests section, I added that in so that the potential employers picks up on the type of music and movies I like which will give them an impression of the type of person I am, and gives it a more personal feel, giving them the opportunity to get to know me before they meet me properly.

The feedback  have received from peers for my CV are:

“unique, eye catching, great font, top musicians are questionable”


“eye catching, good use of logos & the QR code is a really good idea”

Business Card


Business Card

The peer feed back from my business card includes:

“looks professional, good use of QR code”

“smart, professional and good use of QR code”

“name is bold and eye catching, QR code is a good idea again, good information, could add something in empty space”

About me page

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.21.47

“Artisan, classic look”

“Smart professional, but “*I* also write”

“Good information and good use of colours”


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.21.41

“Basic, professional, easily navigated”

“Layout is organised and there’s a good link to social media of author”

“Good use of social network link but picture could be more to do with your journalism topic. Could have more pages on your top bar”

SWOT Analysis


One of my key strengths is my knowledge of the sport which comes from studying it constantly in the form of books and documentaries, as well as watching games, analysing every aspect. I have also developed my ability to research and write about my chosen topic. From a personality point of view I feel I am natural good with my punctuality, you can always guarantee me to be one of the early ones for a party for example. I also naturally show leadership qualities once I know what needs to be done and know how to do it. I am also handy in regards to photo and video editing.


My main weaknesses are a lack of confidence, and my time management in regards to work and deadlines. I can also go through periods when I lack enthusiasm for anything which doesn’t help my concentration, which is bad at the best of times.


My main opportunity is going to university, with my first choice in Huddersfield getting back to me and offering me a conditional offer. Other opportunities available are apprenticeships and internships such as ones offered by the BBC. I could also just go freelance, drawing on the backing I get from Anfield Index.


My main threats are competition who could be much better than I am at things I think I’m good at and other things making them better candidates for jobs. Finances play a big part too as you may find it too hard to support yourself and/or your family if you find it hard to get a job. Life cannot always be planned and things can pop up which mean you have to leave your dreams behind and get on down another, more reliable path. A lack of talent may hold me back too.


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