House of Commons Business Statistics

The image below is an extract from the business statistics from the House of Commons library and shows the businesses in the UK by industry. It shows that there were 539,000 retail businesses last year that made up 20% of employment, the highest percentage there.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.14.08

Prospects website

“Providing jobs for three million people, the retail sector is the UK’s largest private employer. Find out about the main organisations and what areas of work you can enter…”

“Between 2013 and 2020 the retail sector workforce is projected to grow by 54,800. The majority of growth (41,700) is expected to be in managerial positions.”

Tales From Retail Reddit



I asked some people in class about their experiences while working in the retail/services industry regarding customers, fellow employees and management they have encountered.

Edmund Hulse (Pseudonym):

“So! This one time…

The Food department at work was expanding and wanted more staff from other departments to bolster the staffing…asked whether I wanted to move to Foods I said I didn’t, yet they still moved me down there anyway…the best part was that a few weeks later people already from Foods were being moved to Menswear.
Was pointless moving me to Foods, which I blame the management for.
Their whole work ethos is very ancient to be honest…pretentious”

Saskia Steels-Wright:

“So this one time, I tidied the whole of the shop floor where I work, making sure things like the floor was hovered, the clothes on the rails were tidy and the shop on a whole looked neat and presentable. Bearing in mind this was less than 5 minutes before the shop shut one day, a lady decides to walk in, mess EVERYTHING I had just tidied up on the clothes rails – she’d even managed to get clothes all over the floor and then decided she wanted to try on around 10 pieces of clothing as we were shutting the doors for the evening making all of the workers in the shop late getting out. To make things worse, she didn’t even buy anything meaning that all my hard work tidying everything up and making it look more presentable went to waste.

Some people these days…”

This is pretty much an example of what I want in my video. The video as a whole will be a form of primary research.


Retail Stole My Life (Rob Gonzo, 2014, Naked Publishing)


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