Final pieces evaluation

When I set out to do this unit I decided on humanity because it would allow me to produce a wide range of photographs for my chosen subject.

I feel the main strength of my submitted work is the fact I have been able to produce the wide range which I thought I would, instead of keeping things the same throughout.

It has also allowed me to be creative with what I have produced, such as the double exposure photographs which I am particularly proud of because I feel they hit the mark I originally set out to hit when I chosen diversity/accepting diversity, citing the right to be proud to be different within a diverse society whether it be by supporting a certain club or being proud of your town or city.

Because it was a subject which allowed me to explore so many different methods and ways to show my view of humanity I could probably say that another strength was that there were no real limitations. I can only imagine the limitations I would have had if I stuck to just capturing images of sports or had chosen to do comtemporary youth instead.

Another thing I’m happy with are the photos which use M&Ms, because it was originally just a random idea which I have not only turned into reality but turned into something which looks quite arty with a great message, which has made me surprise myself.

I feel my final pieces meet the brief because they celebrate diversity, with celebrate being the key word. None of them are particularly heavy pieces, and are bright and colourful pieces which I feel would make people feel happy should them see them hung up.

I want to emphasise again that they are not only diverse in their subject, but they are diverse methods of celebrating the best thing, not just about 21st century Britain, but humanity in the 21st century.

Favourite Pieces

10177439_10152425252744448_3877190973877368877_nThis is one of my favourite photographs because it shows the world with the different colours together, with a pop arty meets a borderline Jackson Pollock kind of feel.

If I was to develop this idea, I would do the same but I would make it so the picture quality doesn’t suffer as much as it does, as it has turned a bit blocky in some areas.

IMG_6779I like this photograph, as well as the series of double exposure images, because they show the essence of pride within their favourite football team/city. I like this particular photograph because the red and white on his face almost looks like face paint, which reminds me of the tribalism images I saw while researching the topic.

If I were to take this further, I would develop my understanding of how to do double exposure to produce a cleaner, more professional looking final result.


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