The Client

What is VICE Media? 

VICE Media describe themselves as “A 360, multi-platform, vertically integrated, global media brand”.

What platforms do they broadcast on and which are most successful?

Youtube is the most successful platform that they broadcast on.

They started off as a newspaper in 1994 and expanded to videos.

What is the profile of their audience?

The vast majority of their audience are males in their 20s.

Search for VICE content online and find 5 pieces of journalism that appeal to you. Embed them into your client research page and make reflective notes on why you have chosen them.

The Real Walter White – A meth cook from Alabama who shares a name and illegal occupation with the Breaking Bad character is interviewed.

Stoned Kids – A documentary looking into children taking medical marijuana.

I Was Kidnapped By A Colombian Guerrilla Army – A reporter talks about being kidnapped in the height of the war on drugs in Colombia.

Competitive Eating in Nevada – A video about food eating competitions.

Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang –  An American reporter investigates different, and sometimes grittier, aspects of London that other shows/magazines don’t show, with a lot of the discussions coming over food.

What 5 words would you use to describe the client?

Risky, initiative, pushing the boundaries of journalism, controversial, voice of the new generation.


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