Presentation Evaluation


After creating my television show and showing it to the class, I had to complete the unfortunate task of re-watching it and evaluating my presenting skills. The idea of being filmed or having a photograph taken has always made me feel uncomfortable and this shown throughout my show.

My main criticism is that my “let’s just get it over and done with” attitude was pretty evident from the start, which made the show feel pretty rushed, until we started talking about Catfish where there was more of the conversation based comedy started rearing it’s head.

When introducing the show, it is obvious I am nervous because I am mumbling slightly and stuttering which can make it hard to hear me or understand what is it I’m saying.

My body language was a big problem as well initially, with me mostly being slouched with my arms tightly crossed, as shown here:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.18.18

Along with this, when I am not talking, I seem to just look around aimlessly, unconsciously covering my mouth, fidgeting and generally not knowing what to do with myself:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.20.13

It was not all bad in regards to body language though, about the 3:25 mark I appeared to relax considerably, but I still didn’t quite know wait to do with my hands, especially my left one, which I found quite irritating while watching back – although, it appears to by my natural way of emphasising points, which could point to how much I relaxed:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.28.23

One key aspect of presenting a television show is making sure that you interact with your audience, which includes looking down the camera and making it seem as if you are talking to them personally. However, I didn’t really do either of those to a good standard, keeping both aspects to a minimum, and pretty much not being in character – the talkative, cynical person I was suppose to be.

I did start showing that character a lot more around the 3:50 mark, when I feel I was a lot more talkative and funnier – cracking jokes about Joe Pasquale’s career and referring to Catfish as “my Nic Cage TV show” – which to people who know me, is showing my personality finally creep into the show.

The only time that I shown a good amount of audience interaction unfortunately was right at the end when we briefly spoke about Recess, at the 8:50 mark, and Ashleigh mentioned that “All Ashley’s are amazing”, to which, I pointed to the camera and said “it’s official”. I feel I should have shown this level of interaction throughout the show – Although, I did start mumbling slightly again while talking, which made it difficult for even me to hear what I said.

Overall, it’s a commendable feat that I was able to get on character and make this show, but overall, I feel it was pretty unsuccessful, but given a few more goes at it, the show could turn out to be a bit better.



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