Sky Sports News



Like any other news programme, the main content of Sky Sports News are the latest stories from around the world, but they concentrate purely on sports. Also like any other news programme, they want to be first to break the news of the biggest stories whether it be football, tennis, golf or NFL.

Ideas and Creative Input

The majority of the creative input will come from the on-screen graphics which show the latest stories in brief, as well as league tables, statistics etc, which will be designed by the graphic designers. During some stories infographics will also be used which will show important statistics as evidence in an easy to read form.

People and Skills

Sky Sports News has many presenters who regularly switch, usually in a male-female partnership, throughout the day. The vital skills of a presenter are that they must be able to communicate well with their audience, as well as being able to speaking perfect and clear English. It is also important that they have a passion for one or multiple sports as it would quickly become apparent if the presenter is somebody who is bored by the subject.

When a story breaks, whether it be somewhere in this country or abroad, Sky Sports News will make sure that they have a reporter standing by to go into more detail. This is most apparent during the transfer deadline day, where they have reporters outside every Premier League club’s stadium/training ground, incase there are any last minute signings. They will have to have the same skill set as the presenters, as well as being able to think on their feet and improvise if there are any sudden changes in the story.

The editor(s) are required to make sure that every show is up to the standards that are expected by reviewing, and as the name suggests, editing the manuscripts and the stories being covered. The main skills essential for this role are critical thinking and the knowledge of what makes a good news story.

Graphic designers are responsible for most of what you see on the screen when you watch Sky Sports News, with the bottom and right hand side of the screen being filled with information graphics, giving you brief detail of the latest news and statistics. Infographics are also heavily used to back up news stories or give the viewer a simpler way of absorbing information, especially when quotes are used. A graphic designer must be creative and good with computers, as well as having knowledge and an interest in typography. They must also know how to present their ideas well.

As with any other show, the behind the scenes staff are an integral part.

It is essential to have people who can operate the cameras used to film in the studio and with the roaming reporters. Along with the cameramen, it is also important to have sound technicians. Both of these must be able to fix any problems that may occur during filming, for example, if a video stream to the studio has no sound.

Importantly for the presenter, somebody must be able to use the teleprompter so that they know what to say. They must be able to use a computer, have good typing and spelling skills.

It is a researcher’s job to find a story to talk about, especially when there isn’t much going on. When a story breaks it is up to the researchers to find out more as fast as possible to the channel has more about the story than it’s rivals.


In the studio they will need cameras, teleprompters, sound equipment, graphics programmes, editing software, video streaming software. Sometimes in certain stories they will also use the Skypad, which is essentially a massive iPad which relates to the story they are talking about. Computers will also be used by researchers. The roaming reporters will also need some of the same equipment, however on a much smaller scale to increase mobility.


The majority of the filming takes place within the Sky Sports News studios in London, however, the roaming reporters will be stationed wherever it is best to cover a story. This can take them anywhere in the world.


Most of the money spent will be on sending the roaming reporters and equipment around the world. Sky Sports News has also been refurbished in the past few years to give it a more modern look in preparation for the “HD generation”.


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