Interview Pre-Planning

The Interview – Jared Squires

Location: Costa Coffee    Time: 12:30pm

You have been at West Cheshire College for a number of weeks now, how are you finding it? 

I am loving the course, and the people that I’ve met its a new a fun experience I feel I’m on the right track finally.

What subject is it you are studying? 

I am Studying Journalism, Level 3 creative media I’ve had my eye on this course for a while now as I’ve always had a journalistic spark inside me.

How does this subject relate to your interests outside of college? 

I have always had an opinion, if you ask my friends and family! Sometimes good sometimes bad, but I suppose I’m into my skateboarding, I would very much like to be a skateboard photojournalist or writer.

What doors do you think will open for you by completing this course?

I hope that it will open many paths for me to venture as being a journalist you gain multiple skills in editing and writing etc. I suppose the college can provide me with the experience I need to have an edge on most others. 

Is it something you want to do professionally in the future? 

It would be my dream come true , to write for a magazine or newspaper its something that has always interested me and I think I would excel at.

What facility does the college offer, which you think, will further help you with your studies? 

The fact that we get our own room aside for journalist’s with an apple mac each to use, and access to any equipment we need such as cameras to voice recorders at any time for us to be able to complete a task in the most efficient manner.

Generally, how have you found the people you have encountered throughout the college? 

So far so good the tutors are all amazing there friendly and will have a joke around with you but more than all they no how to connect with us and for the students most of them seem interested in the carious courses around the college .

Interview Pre Planning

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 09.54.46

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.05.02

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.10.46

After evaluating my pre planning we both decided to complete the interview via emails on Gmail at Costa Coffee on October 8th at 12:30.


Initial Interview Pre-Planning

Initially, due to my interest in sports journalism, I intended to interview somebody who is studying sports and/or is in the college football team. Unfortunately, I later found this task to be a bit ambitious for one of my first projects here and instead decided to do something simpler while learning the ins and outs of interview pre-planning.

Here is what I did before deciding to choose a different subject:

Questions to sports student/college football team player:

  • What is it that made you want to join WCC?
  • Where do you travel from every morning/afternoon?
  • (If they don’t say Ellesmere Port) Do you think that it illustrates how good WCC is if you travel so far to attend?
  • What facilities are available to you to assist you with your studies?
  • What do you want to do when you finish here? (Higher education/ambitions)
  • Favourite thing about college so far?
  • How strong is the college football team this year?
  • How are they doing in the league so far?
  • Who has been the best player?


This is some of the equipment that I planned on using:

Recording equipment – Camera or voice recorder or both


Here are some locations which I thought would be good places to conduct the interview:

Near a sports field

College Football Team Email –
College Football Team Facebook –


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